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Hello, I'm Jules Rawlinson and I design sounds, visuals and interactions and perform with live electronics. I'm Programme Director of MSc Design & Digital Media at the University of Edinburgh

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Interval and Instance, Edinburgh International Film Festival, June 2018

Interval and Instance - Trailer from Pixelmechanic on Vimeo.

Following some meetings with Rachel Hosker at Special Collections at Edinburgh University, it was suggested that I should/could make a new work out of archival material from the pioneering scientific filmmaker Eric Lucey for inclusion as part of a series of events at EIFF focusing on a review of Lucey's work. I created a 45 minute long work for 'live cinema' exploring time and focus adding a solo live electronic score and sound design.

The performance examines speed, motion and scale in film and sound. The soundtrack makes use of extensive layering, time-stretching and time-compression, extreme pitch-shifting, physical modelling and frequency carving to create unexpected points of audition which offers audiences a detailed and immersive audio-visual experience that incorporates spectralism, minimalism, modular synthesis and granular detail that support and draw attention to the visual character of the films.

Lucey's film-making was defined by his observations of behaviour using a variety of techniques, most famously time-lapse or very high-speed film, and microphotography. The subjects of films vary from investigations into natural and physical processes as well as exploratory studies into feedback, interference and pattern. All of these aspects provide a useful prompt for developing sonic and musical processes that support and critique the films. While the work is non-narrative, the clips have been assembled to provide moments of continuity and contrast.

Interval and Instance installation, Dialogues Festival Edinburgh, February 2019

My Interval and Instance work for EIFF was remixed and reimagined as a triptych video installation with multichannel audio. This re-presentation of the work explored reconfiguration, juxtapositions and layering of material and includes a 'fixed' live performance, recorded in a single take at the Reid School of Music.

Interval and Instance, Cryptic Nights, CCA Glasgow, June 2019

I was very pleased to have another work selected for Cryptic Nights as Cathie Boyd, Claire Moran and Co. are great to work with and Cryptic continue to cultivate, curate and commission fresh, creative work in Scotland and beyond.

Image by Neil Jarvie

Building on the triptych work I'd developed for the installation, this instance of Interval and Instance was performed with three screens and multichannel audio. I added some additional material and worked on really articulating the character of both audio and video material through contrast and counterpoint.

Myles Oakey kindly wrote a very detailed review and profile of the event and Keira Brown reviewed the event for The Fountain

Image by Neil Jarvie

Image by Neil Jarvie