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Solo performer, laptop, and controllers

NCTRN is a study of similarities between, and interpretive extensions of, the various repetitive and guttural churring and warbles that are typical of the European Nightjar, and extended flute trilling and whistling gestures performed by Sabine Vogel on Aus dem Fotoalbum eines Pinguins (2006, used with permission).

The work has a generally nocturnal character that is in keeping with its subject, but takes some bruitist turns. As preparation for performance, players should familiarise themselves with the guide recording below.

Jr nctrn mstr by pixelmechanic

In performance, a pre-mixed soundfile provides a structural foundation for scored additions that expand upon the character of the pre-composed material. These additions are triggered and controlled by graphics tablet, 3d controller and MIDI devices.

The work's score uses a graphic notation that provides timing and sound type information to the performer, and an indication of sounding character in the pre-mixed file.

Alongside artist-approved flute samples, the work's sources include daf (Persian frame drum), trumpet, saxophone, and analogue modular synthesis. Triggered files are subject to further digital signal manipulation, in a manner reminiscent of both early tape works and modern turntablism.

The NCTRN score contains more technical information and instruction.