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Radio | Silence

Laptop and electronics trio

A live performance recording with Raw Green Rust trio:

Jr radiosilence live mstr by pixelmechanic

Radio | Silence is characterised by crash edit interactions between solo gestures and combined sound events consisting of modulated electronics, variegated broadband and filtered noise, shortwave radio manipulations, concrete fragments and turntablist treatments.

Variegated is a term more generally applied to botanics, and variegated noise describes sound that exhibits an irregular, patchy and streaked character comprising broad and narrowband noise in different colours, resembling the crackling static and dead air found while scanning between shortwave radio stations.

As preparation for performance, players should familiarise themselves with the guide recording below.

Jr radiosilence mstr by pixelmechanic

Within the trio, player 1 adopts the role of conductor and is responsible for soundfile cues, soundfile fragments, frequency modulated chirps and variegated noise generated by modular electronics or laptop. Player 2 is responsible for percussive rhythmic cells and flutters, turntablist gestures and soundfile fragments. Player 3 is responsible for modular electronic and laptop generated variegated noise, feedback, shortwave radio manipulations and soundfile fragments.

The Radio | Silence performance and listening score contains more technical information and instruction.