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Sample and Hold

Two Laptops, graphics tablets & MIDI controllers

Jr smplhld version 1 by pixelmechanic

Sample and hold is a work for two performers that pitches the acoustic up against the electronic within a loose structural framework that supports a variety of outcomes.

In synthesis, a sample and hold circuit is used to create momentary values from a dynamic control voltage, and, taken to an extreme, represents the digitisation of an analogue source. The work investigates the above through a variety of realtime sampling processes.

A sound library consisting of sustained articulations on Bass Clarinet and Viola, Cello and Violin pizzicati, and assorted junk percussion, is contrasted with, and complemented by, soundfiles generated through analogue modular synthesis. These electronic sounds are by turns throbbing, fizzing, crackling, whistling, and chirping.

A graphics tablet is used to trigger these acoustic and electronic soundfiles through filtering and modulation processes, before being sent to an array of sampling devices that are in turn controlled by the graphics tablet and MIDI devices.

The results can be stuttered, frozen, and buffered, and then are reshaped to create twinkling flurries of sonic spindrift, glitching counterpoint, and icy digital fragments that contrast with the natural warmth of the original acoustic and analogue electronic sources.

The score provides an outline for performance that could be compared to a jazz 'fake' book. Coarse structure is described by graphic notation and written instruction , and performers are responsible for creating fine detail through interpretive, intuitive and exploratory responses to the supplied instruments and sound library.

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Jr smplhld version 2 by pixelmechanic