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Short Circuit

Laptop, graphics tablet & MIDI controller

Jr shortcircuit mstr by pixelmechanic

Short Circuit is a broadly programmatic work for a solo performer that imagines the sonic life of some typical components in an electrical circuit. The work is also a technical exercise that maps a large number of sound files into a relatively small performance surface, while still offering some precision in triggering these files in realtime.

A graphics tablet is used to trigger sound files generated through digital and analogue modular synthesis, and these files can be post processed with an in-line dry/wet balance of amplitude/frequency sensitive gating/resynthesis, clipping/erosion, and subsequent serial high and low pass filters.

The graphic score illustrates the sonic nature of the material, and outlines a target gestural character. Annotations provide instruction for triggering soundfiles and the performer creates fine detail through interpretive, intuitive and exploratory responses to the supplied sound library and processes.

Download the full score