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Please use the tramps provided

Laptop & adaptable controllers

Jr Tramps QuickMix by pixelmechanic

Please use the tramps provided is a broadly programmatic work, with constituent parts that include field recordings made on London's Underground Network, assorted chamber instruments and percussion, a prepared piano library, and a small number of voice-over recordings.

These materials are processed, layered, and edited in ways that resemble the creaks, squeaks, and squeals encountered on a Tube journey from North to South London, coupled with rapid and regular shifts of acceleration, ambience, and announcements.

In performance, a fixed, pre-mixed soundfile provides a structural foundation for improvisations and interjections that expand upon the character of the pre-composed material.

When improvising, the performer should be guided by the fixed part, and create material that is similar to or complements the character of the fixed part as the piece unfolds. The performer should reinforce and augment the structural and programmatic aspects of the work, and play with and against the underlying soundfile.

A graphics tablet, 3d controller and MIDI devices are used to trigger, freeze and scan through the contents of shorter sound files that are subject to further processing and manipulation, in a manner reminiscent of both early tape works and modern turntablism.

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